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And homeless near a thousand homes I stood,

And near a thousand tables pined and wanted food.

~William Wadsworth


Welcome to Pet Rescue Hosting!


We offer an alternative hosting solution for ALL the adoption and rescue groups of the world. Whether you handle one specific breed of animal, or any and all breeds of cat, dog, bird, etc. you've come to the right place if you want web hosting that:

  •  Won't have a large impact on your groups budget.

  •  Is owned and operated by someone who is a member of an adoption group and understands your needs.

  •  Donates the proceeds from Adoption/Rescue hosting back to Adoption/Rescue groups (once our bills are paid for the month, the balance generated by the adoption/rescue sites goes back to adoption/rescue groups. That used to be just one group, but now we're working with several, and the donations will be rotated among them)

  • Provides constant support, on time, every time. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, someone is there for you.


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